An Important Announcement from City Changers…

…after much prayer and many discussions over time, on May 30 the founders of City Changers agreed to disband the organization and discontinue its ministry. This difficult decision took into account: the volunteers we lost during the pandemic and never regained; the gradual decrease in financial giving coupled with increasing expenses; the diminishing numbers of those participating in our kindness events.

We are aware of the increasing time demands on families, especially with their children’s activities and other important responsibilities. We ourselves were struggling with the time and desire required to continue passionately investing in other people’s lives though acts of kindness.

We greatly appreciate our regular volunteers, the way you gave your time and effort to minister to strangers; may God bless each of you for your selfless service to others. If you gave financially to City Changers at any time over the years, or if you donated to or prayed for any of our events, you made a significant difference in the lives of people you may never even meet. And we treasure the many compliments, thank-you notes, call outs, and words of appreciation from the community for what we’ve done over the years.

It has been a great eight-year adventure for us. We feel the Lord has called us to do other things in this next season of our lives. But we still love our community and believe in the power of kindness. And we will continue as individuals to show God’s love in practical ways.


Beth Phillips, Sharon Taylor, and Jim Taylor

One more thing …

We invite you to post a “thanks and good-bye” message to City Changers, or tell a story of how your participation in our events made an impact on your life—or the lives of others.

We have also posted a number of images from City Changers events over the years. Take a moment to scroll through our Facebook Photos and Albums and find you and your family—and relive the memories!