Blessing Bags
(Wes Raley)

I thank City Changers for facilitating change not only in our cities but also in our families. We had the privilege of participating in the “blessing bags” project to help the homeless.

Today, as our family headed home from a restaurant with full bellies, we saw a homeless man standing on the corner with a sign asking for help. Normally, we would wonder if we were supposed to help or just keep driving. It was so nice to be prepared with a blessing bag!

Thanks to City Changers, we knew exactly what to do. The man was so thankful as we traded verbal blessings and pulled away.

This produced a healthy discussion with our children about some of the hardships and problems in the world and also how God has equipped us to bring His love and healing to the nations. My children got to witness firsthand how God cares for every person in the world and sent us at just the right time to brighten that man’s day.

We are better as a family because City Changers facilitated, motivated, and equipped us to make a difference. You helped us jump in where we once felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to begin. Thank you for helping me teach my children how to light up the world.


Mural In Mooresville

Hundreds of people gathered downtown Mooresville for the town’s first ever mural on Saturday October 21st. Designed and supervised by Nüe Origin, a local group of young adults dedicated to changing the world by changing the arts, the colorful artwork represented the body of Christ working together in unity. City Changers coordinated the project with the town of Mooresville and the Nüe Origin artists, and we painted, too!



Caring for the Pregnancy Care Center who cares for the unborn.

We had a lot of fun helping the Pregnancy Care Center get ready to move.


Starting over with the Indiana Dream Team (IDT)

People whose lives are forever changed by their time with IDT reported on before and after.


A cup of cold water in my name

On this hot day, we handed out nearly 200 freezer pops and 75 water bottles to people from 8 states. They loved it!


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